We are Persona

We craft brands with personality


Persona is a multi-disciplinary branding studio based in Sydney. We believe every brand deserves a distinct personality that is expressed cohesively through all visual, social and electronic communication - hence our name.

In a marketplace saturated with visual stimulus, simple but powerful ideas become the stand out. Our work is characterised by this philosophy, and we deliver strategic design that engages both emotionally and intellectually.

To evolve a brands personality from concept to reality we collaborate with a number of trusted partners including photographers, film makers, sound designers and printers. Our 15+ years of experience in brand development has taught us the value of working with a team that see the world as we do.



We champion consistency - creating and guarding all the touch points of a brand. Our individual services include:

-  Name generation
-  Brand identity development
-  Brand activation

-  Content creation
-  Social media strategy
-  Art direction

-  Website and digital design
-  Shopify UI / UX design
-  Experiential

-  Publication design
-  Audio branding
-  Sound design



-  Property
-  Fashion
-  Healthcare
-  Recruitment
-  Government
-  Hospitality



-  Walker Corporation
-  Podia
-  Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co.
-  Pathways Residences
-  Sandran Property Group
-  Engineers Australia

-  Tempus Partners
-  Wayward Brewing Co.
-  Knight Frank
-  Hacer
-  Lion
-  BMG Australia
-  Sailor Jerry

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Level 1, 73 Australia Street
Camperdown NSW 2050 Australia
Ph: (02) 8970 1197



We are Persona, a boutique multi-disciplinary design studio based in Sydney. Our projects act to bridge the communication space between brand and consumer. Learn about our process here.

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